Vacuum Cushions

Tired of your vacuum cushions leaking?  Our Vacuum Cushions are constructed of the highest quality polyamide, providing industry-leading leakage probability with high moldability.


  • Ultra durable, high-quality polyamide

  • Blue color distinguishable in optical imagers

  • MR Safe

  • Radiotranslucent

  • Easy to clean

  • Cost-effective

  • Adapters available for any manufacturer's pump









Vacuum cushion, pelvic support, 65cm x 65cm, 13L

Vacuum cushion, pelvic support, 100cm x 70cm, 30L

Vacuum cushion, pelvic support, 100cm x 80cm, 30L

Vacuum cushion, pelvic/body support, 120cm x 80cm, 33L

Vacuum cushion, body support, 100cm x 150cm, 51L

Vacuum cushion, body support, 200cm x 100cm, 65L

Vacuum cushion, SBRT, T-shape, 125cm x 110cm, 31L

Vacuum cushion, breast support, Wing board, 55cm x 110cm, 15L

Vacuum Cushion Positioning Strips



155870 Vacuum Cushion Positioning Strip.jpg
155870 Vacuum Cushion Positioning Strip with Vacuum Cushion.jpg

The Macromedics Vacuum Cushion Positioning Strips are manufactured of the highest quality carbon fiber, providing durable, radio-translucent vacuum cushion indexing for common setups requiring a vacuum cushion. 

Some manufacturers' vacuum cushion indexing solutions are formed of high-density materials and sewn into the bags themselves.  Others are external to the bag but manufactured from lower quality, high-density materials.  These solutions can create setup challenges when they block and attenuate the radiation beam. 

The Macromedics Vacuum Cushion Positioning Strips, particularly when combined with our carbon fiber Couchstrips, allow the user to easily position the patient on the vacuum cushion without the need of avoiding higher-density positioning solutions.

Vacuum Cushion S-Hooks


VL_Hook_10 Stainless Steel S-hooks for vacuum cushions, Qty 10

Our stainless steel vacuum cushion S-hooks are designed for maximum durability.

IOS-SCHB - Sani-Cloth HB Alcohol-Free Surface Disinfectant Germicidal Cloth Wipes (160)

  • Alcohol Free

  • Usable on ClearSight Bolus and other clinical surfaces