OMNIBOARD All-In-One SBRT Immobilization System

OmniBoard S-Type SBRT with vacuum cushion.jpg
OmniBoard S-Type with Respiratory Belt.jpg

The OmniBoard All-In-One SBRT Immobilization System utilizes the OmniBoard Disease-Specific Care Platform in combination with the SBRT Secure Arch respiratory management bridges and respiratory belt to simplify SBRT setups and integrate your SBRT setups into routine clinical workflow.

At 1.5%, the OmniBoard platform is the lowest attenuating SBRT overlay on the market.  Manufactured of medical grade carbon fiber with a tensile strength twice that of the finest steel, the OmniBoard creates a robust, lightweight, low-attenuating foundation for all radiation treatments, including SBRT.  The included SBRT upper arm support also doubles as the OmniBoard lung module, providing seamless transition between SBRT and IMRT lung patients.  Additionally the included Feet Support is the only foot positioner on the market with adjustable dorsi/plantarflexion, providing the ultimate in patient comfort and setup reproducibility.

In addition to providing best-in-class SBRT immobilization, the OmniBoard universal system can be utilized for many other disease sites including head & neck, SRS, breast, lung, and prostate.  Click here for more details!


Extra Accurate Modular Immobilization System Lite

The MacroMedics EAMIS Lite system is the perfect solution for clinics interested in respiratory restriction for decreased SBRT tumor motion while utilizing their existing positioning aids for peripheral setup reproducibility.  A rail-based system, the EAMIS Lite has 0% attenuation for posterior beams, reducing posterior skin reactions while providing all of the proven clinical benefits of SBRT respiratory restriction.