S-Type Baseplate with Handgrips

S-Type baseplate with handgrips.png
S-Type baseplate with Head, Neck and Shoulder mask.jpg
S-Type baseplate with handgrips detail.png
S-Type baseplate with DSPS cradle and mask.jpg

The Macromedics S-Type H&N baseplate solves many of the typical setup challenges seen with other H&N overlays.

  • Optional indexable handgrips provide comfortable, reproducible arm support without shoulder retractors
  • Countoured lumbar area for increased patient comfort
  • Compatible with S-Type as well as 3 and 5-point RealEase masks
  • Compatible with the DSPS SRS Immobilization System


HeadTilt S-Type Tilting Baseplate

171560 HeadTilt S-Type front.jpg
171560 HeadTilt S-Type back.jpg

The HeadTilt tilting baseplate accomodates 0-25 degree pitched intracranial setups for pituitary and other cases in which dose-limiting structures such as the optic chiasm, retina and brain tissue are sought to be avoided.

  • Docks to standard S-Type baseplate
  • Fully compatible with the DSPS SRS Immobilization System
  • Adjustable from 0-25 degrees in 5-degree increments
  • Contoured bottom for patient neck comfort
  • Compatible with S-Type as well as other manufacturers' headrest styles