• Minimally Invasive

  • Great Visibility

  • Instant Stability


1.  Minimally Invasive

The Gold Anchor Fiducial Marker utilizes industry leading 20, 22 and 25 gauge needles, greatly reducing pain and the likelihood of pneumothorax during implantation.  Click here for more info.


2.  Great Visibility

The Gold Anchor Fiducial Marker is easily visible in all relevant imaging modalities with less artifact than other, larger gold markers, including kV, CBCT, CT, MRI, and Synchrony.


3.  Instant Stability

With the Gold Anchor Fiducial Marker there is no need to wait the usual 7-21 days before dose planning for the markers to "settle in" due to the strong tissue attachment of the Gold Anchor.

Ideal for Proton Therapy

Gold Anchor Fiducials are also ideal for proton therapy applications.  Gold Anchor markers cause very little dose perturbation compared with other fiducial markers.

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