OmniBoard All-In-One Breast Module

OmniBoard S-Type Breast.jpg

Tired of carrying and storing heavy, bulky breast boards weighing 20 pounds or more around the clinic?

At only 6 lbs, the OmniBoard Breast Module is the lightest, easiest to handle supine breast solution on the market. 

The key to the system is the unique, detachable OmniBoard Breast Module.  It can be easily attached to the OmniBoard within seconds, and can quickly be set to one of three treatment angles.  The detachable bottom stop indexes directly to the OmniBoard platform, providing rigid and secure patient support.

Key Benefits:

  • Lightweight design
  • Contoured lumbar for comfort
  • 3 easily adjustable angles
  • Low attenuation (2.2% at 6MV)
  • Detachable, easily adjustable arm supports
  • Head & breast thermoplastic compatible
  • OmniBoard All-In-One platform usable for multiple disease sites

BreastBoard LX

The Breastboard LX is the premiere, stand-alone radiation oncology breastboard.  Utilizing a coreless, single-layer carbon fiber treatment zone, the BreastBoard LX provides an IGRT treatment zone with minimal attenuation and maximal homogeneity and stability.  The stable, easy to adjust arm supports on the BreastBoard LX address many of the adjustment challenges with other breast board arm supports, providing simple, customizable setups for patient comfort and clearance.  The Breastboard LX further addresses common patient comfort issues by incorporating a contoured lumbar area and an optional bottomstop adapter for shorter patients. 

Breastboard LX, MR Version

Breastboard LX, MR Version

Breastboard LX with high bottomstop for short patients

Breastboard LX with high bottomstop for short patients

Breastboard LX arm support close-up

Breastboard LX arm support close-up



OmniBoard Lung Module

OmniBoard S-Type Lung.jpg

The simple, robust arm positioners in the OmniBoard Lung Module are fully integrated into the OmniBoard Disease-Specific Care Platform.  Easily added/removed, the arms can be quickly positioned for treatment with or without a vacuum cushion.

The ThoraxSupport is a simple, standalone, high-end solution for treatment of the breast, lung and thorax.  Key features include:

  • Easily customizable arm supports
  • Contoured lumbar area
  • Breast thermoplastic compatibility
  • 7.5-degree optional CF wedge
  • MR version available